Philatelic Works Related to the Cape of Good Hope A. A.Jurgens, The Handstruck Letter Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope from 1792 to 1853 and Postmarks from 1853 to 1910. Hard to find book. Good decriptions of earlier sources and material. Goldblatt Robert, Postmarks of the Cape of Good Hope, Reijger Publishers (Pty) Ltd,…

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Markings of the Ancillary Services

At left is the Perkins Bacon Issue at Right is the De la Rue issue.the most pronounced difference is on the hand and I normally use that feature to distinguish the stamps.

De La Rue Printing It is recorded in official records that at the end of January 1862 the dies, plates, watermark paper moulds, e.t.c. were handed over to the Crown Agents by Messrs. Perkins Bacon & Co.. These were transferred to the new Contractors-Messrs De La Rue & Co.- in May 1862. This offered an…

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The Woodblock Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope

1d vermillion woodblock

From approximately 1883, three postmarks (PS 4 to 6) sometimes called Argus Wheels, were in use on circulars as well as newspapers of the Cape of Good Hope. Another postmark (PS 7) is, in the main, seen stamped on wrappers.

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Perkins Bacon Issue 1853

The first issue of the triangular stamps of the Cape of Good Hope were engraved and printed by Messrs. Perkins, Bacon & Co. The stamps were despatched to the Cape on the 11th may, 1853. They arrived a month later and the consignement was lodged at the Treasury Offices of the Cape. The Perkins Bacon…

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