The King Edward VII Stamps of 1902

The relationship of the Cape Colony to the Mother Country was for the first time indicated upon what proved to be the last issue of Cape of Good Hope postage stamps, namely, those which appeared at intervals from 1902 to 1904, bearing as the centre-piece the profile portrait of His Majesty King Edward VII The…

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The ‘THREE PENCE’ Overprint 1879

NEW POSTAL RATES CREATE A NEED FOR A THREE PENCE STAMP A notice that appeared in the Government Gazette of 31st October 1879 informed the public that as from the 1st November 1879 the rates of postage on letters posted in the Colony, Basutoland and the Transkeian Territories for transmission to Post Offices within the…

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Rectangular Stamps – The Hope Standing

(Issued October 1893) The introduction of the first stamps of the new design, which had been decided upon, was effected in October 1893 with the One Penny value making its appearance. ” Hope ” still continued to be the dominating feature, but having by this time remained seated for upwards of forty years, she now…

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1893 One Penny Surcharge

One Penny Overprint - Brown B4

In March 1893 there were placed on sale the last of the provisional stamps issued by the Cape Colony, being the Two Pence value of the Cabled Anchor series overprint locally,-” ONE PENNY ” the value obliterated by a bar. New die in 1893, but delay of the first shipment, to supplement the Treasury stocks…

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The Permanent 2 1/2 pence stamp of June 1892

The issue of the 2 ½ d provisionals in March 1891 satisfied the short term requirements of the Cape of Good Hope Colony for stamps of this value. Having solved these immediate problems steps were taken for the manufacture of the necessary plate for the printing of stamps of this value for permanent use.

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Rectangulars – Seated Hope 2 1/2 d Surcharge 1891

In March 1891 a stamp of a further and final value was added to the list of postal adhesives of the Colony, namely the 2 ½ d. The reason for this addition was the reduction of postage on half-ounce letters to the United Kingdom, as indicated in3a notice which appeared in the Government Gazette of…

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Second Definitive Issue (1871-1876)

Printer’s Proof of the Five Shillings stamps overprinted “CANCELLED”

The Second Definitive Issue ‘Retouched Die’ the Outer Line Removed (1871-1876) As the old dies started to wear out the printers Messrs De La Rue & Co. requested to have the original dies altered by removing the outer line frame. In addition they had the shading upon the figure of Hope and the vine leaves…

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Cape Triangulars – Forgery By Spiro

Spiro Cape Triangular Forgery of the One Penny Red Stamps.

The Spiro brothers made large numbers of forgeries, including a large number of Cape Triangulars from 1864 to about 1880. They had their own lithographic printing firm in Hamburg (Germany).

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‘Modern Die’ Proofs of the Cape of Good Hope Triangular Stamps

Both 'POSTAGE' and 'VALUE' defaced five pairs showing the value tablets defaced (to varying degrees) printed in dull vermilion, red-orange, carmine-red, indigo and black each with clear to large margins.

The Perkins Bacon Modern Die Proofs Allis lists thirteen modern die proofs of the 6d and 1s, each in the following colours: black, slate, carmine, blue, brown, red-brown, yellow-green, deep green, yellow, violet, red-violet, orange-brown and bright-rose. It is stated that only six copies were printed in each colour. All early authors ascribe them to…

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